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One Hundred and One African-American Read-Aloud Stories

One Hundred and One African-American Read-Aloud Stories

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About the Book

Take your children to fantasy lands...visit long ago times...encounter giants and heroes, ghosts and witches...share adventures with children from other countries... Here is a complete collection of the most beloved African-American stories fro parents to share with their children. There is perhaps no more rewarding an experience than reading aloud to a young person. The reassurance of a parent s voice and the wondrous leap a child can make into new and exciting worlds beyond his or her own are the stuff of warm childhood memories. Reading aloud to a child is also one of the best ways to ensure that he or she will develop a love of books and a thirst for knowledge. One Hundred and One African-American Read Aloud Stories is particularly special in that it introduces children from all walks of life to the rich, entertaining and often instructive tradition of African-American storytelling. Each story captivate and educate children of all ages and backgrounds. The African culture has a strong and signature oral tradition, and these classic myths and fables are full of drama and character; perfect for capturing a child s attention and firing his or her imagination. At the same time important life lessons are communicated. The biographies abound with stories of people whose real-life experience are an inspiration to us all, and chapters on slavery contain essential events in African-American history. The fairy tales are filled with clever and resourceful heroes and the animal tales (the trickster rabbit, the magical frog, the guileless turtle) are infused with classic plot turns and humor that are at once familiar and delightfully new. Each piece is approximately ten minutes long just the right amount of time before bedtime unless of course you give in to a plea for more. Read one at a time or ten, this is the perfect introduction to the fun and magic, excitement and surprise of great storytelling.

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal
Release Date: 1998-01-01
ISBN: 1579125239

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