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The Genesis Question: Scientific Advances and the Accuracy of Genesis

The Genesis Question: Scientific Advances and the Accuracy of Genesis

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About the Book

RECONCILING THE NEWEST SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE WITH GENESIS 1-11. "Everyone knows the Bible teaches scientific nonsense" is a commonly held misconception. When pushed for examples, many point to the early chapters of Genesis as proof-creation, the flood, 800-year life spans. And science has largely been silent on the subject-until now. Examining recent, leading-edge scientific discoveries, Dr. Hugh Ross explores how these very chapters hold some of the strongest scientific evidence for the Bible's supernatural accuracy. Like never before, The Genesis Question integrates the accuracy of both science and the Bible-without compromise-giving skeptics and believers common ground and opportunity for dialog. According to recent surveys conducted by Reasons to Believe, the perceived improbability of Genesis 1-11 is what keeps 90 percent of people from believing in the accuracy of the Bible. Complete and up-to-date, The Genesis Question uses scientific data to provide readers with solid answers to their questions regarding scientific advances and the accuracy of Genesis. If you want to understand how the discoveries of science and the truth of the Bible relate, The Genesis Question offers a cutting-edge approach to integrate science and theology in such a way that neither is compromised. "Dr. Ross intriguingly challenges the long-standing divide between faith and reason and between the Bible and science by addressing the relevant, cutting-edge questions of our day. Expect to find your mind challenged, your faith encouraged, and your ability to witness strengthened by this book."-Craig S. Keener, Th.D., visiting professor of Bible, Eastern Seminary and author of The IVP Bible Background Commentary "The importance of The Genesis Question lies in its painstaking attempt to take the details of Genesis and science seriously. Even if the reader does not agree with every one of Ross' conclusions, one must thank him for this solid effort at integration, and for giving us a number of ideas that seem to me to be true, reasonable, and fruitful for spiritual nurture and evangelism."-J.P. Moreland, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University "The Genesis Question is a substantial step in the direction of a fully satisfactory harmony of the science and theology of origins. We are not there yet-many questions remain open-but this book is a major step forward."-Samuel Connor, Ph.D. candidate in physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology "I've always had a gnawing suspicion that there was more that needed to be said to provide a clearer fit between God's written Word and the world He created. By beginning with the biblical premise that God's Word is without error, Dr. Ross has added authentic interpretations and fresh insights-coupled with the most up-to-date data on the physical realm-to reconcile God's written revelation to the revelation of Himself in His creation."-Mick Ukleja, Th.D., senior pastor, Grace Church "In The Genesis Question, Dr. Hugh Ross gives general readers an excellent discussion of the biblical account and how a proper understanding of it is in agreement with modern scientific findings. He demonstrates an evangelical commitment to the truth of Scripture while also presenting the latest findings of science. I recommend this book to those whose understanding of science has stood in the way of Christian faith and to Christians who seek a scientifically solid and consistently biblical presentation of Genesis 1-11."-Kyle Cudworth, Ph.D., astronomer, Yerkes Observatory, University of Chicago "Dr. Ross presents a fresh approach to many of Genesis' most difficult problems. He consistently takes into account the abundance of related scientific evidence without compromising the inerrancy of Scripture. I highly recommend this volume as an important and valuable tool in the library of anyone who really wants to understand what the beginning of Genesis is all about and still maintain a reasonable faith."-David H. Rogstad, Ph.D., Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Author(s): Hugh Ross
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Navpress
Release Date:
ISBN: 1576831116

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