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Dog Stories

Dog Stories

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About the Book

Now joining Everyman�s Library�the most extensive and distinguished collectible library of the world�s greatest works�is an appealing new collection in a small Pocket Classics format, perfect for gift giving and reading pleasure._____________________Dog Stories rounds up a pack of vivid and colorful stories about man�s best friend by a wide range of great writers, from Mark Twain and Anton Chekhov to Patricia Highsmith and Jonathan Lethem.The richly drawn and unforgettable canines gathered here include Rudyard Kipling�s heroically faithful �Garm,� Bret Harte�s irrepressible scoundrel of a �Yellow Dog,� and the aggressively affectionate three-legged pit bull Ava, who lives in an apartment building for dogs in Jonathan Lethem�s �Ava�s Apartment.� Here are stories that touchingly illuminate the dog�s role in the emotional lives of humans, such as Tobias Wolff�s �Her Dog,� in which a widower shares his grief for his wife with her grieving pet. Here, too, are humorous glimpses of the canine point of view, from O. Henry�s tale of a dissatisfied lapdog�s escape to P. G. Wodehouse�s cheerfully na�ve watchdog who simply wants everybody to get along. These writers and others�Ray Bradbury, Doris Lessing, Thomas McGuane, Rick Bass, James Salter, and Penelope Lively among them�offer imaginative, lyrical, and empathetic portraits of humanity�s most devoted companion.

Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Everyman's Library
Release Date: 2010-10-05
ISBN: 0307593975

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