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Koi For Dummies

Koi For Dummies

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About the Book

Features 8 pages of full-color photos All you need to know about setting up a Koi habitat, selecting Koi, and keeping them healthy Want to keep Koi? This friendly guide shows you how to get started, with expert tips on everything from buying Koi and keeping them healthy to feeding, breeding, showing, and enjoying these gorgeous fish. You'll see how to set up and maintain an indoor or outdoor pond or an aquarium, select filters and heaters, and handle your Koi properly. Discover how to Select healthy Koi Get all the right equipment Diagnose and treat common illnesses Keep your Koi safe year-round Raise baby Koi

Author(s): R. D. Bartlett
Format: Paperback
Publisher: For Dummies
Release Date:
ISBN: 0470099135

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