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Shark Attacks: Terrifying True Accounts Of Shark Attacks Worldwide

Shark Attacks: Terrifying True Accounts Of Shark Attacks Worldwide

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About the Book

More horrifying than Jaws-- because it's true!Since 1990 there have been 283 shark attacks worldwide-- 40 of which were fatal...In the past 15 years, reports of shark attacks have substantially increased...Over half the attacks occur in water no deeper than five feet...Believe it or not, shark attacks are still a very real threat to humans. These unspeakably bloody encounters happen in shallow water, in "safe" areas, to people just like you-- people who thought it could never happen to them.HONG KONG, 1995: A forty-five-year-old woman swimming in shallow water with fifty other people has one leg and one arm ripped off by the shark-- she dies before reaching the hospital.CALIFORNIA, 1993: A man snorkeling with friends is swallowed headfirst halfway down his body-- luckily, the shark spits him back out with only bite wounds.AUSTRALIA, 1993: A professional diver and mother of five is literally torn in half in front of her horrified family by a fifteen-foot great white shark.HAWAII, 1991: Two vacationing friends out for a swim suddenly see a shark "the size of a car" swim by. After one of the women begins thrashing in panic, the shark attacks and kills her-- her body is later recovered with several limbs missing.Read on for more blood-chilling accounts of people who fell prey to...SHARK ATTACKS.Includes horrifying photos!

Author(s): Alex MacCormick
Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Release Date: 1998-07-15
ISBN: 0312966180

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