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Animal Reference Books

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Reading the Wild


Format Hardcover Author Elise Maclay     Publisher Greenwich Workshop Press    Category Animal Reference

Animal Madness: Inside Their Minds


Format Paperback Author Laurel Braitman     Publisher Simon & Schuster    Category Animal Reference

Animal Architecture


Format Hardcover Author Karl Frisch     Publisher Harcourt    Category Animal Reference

Storey's Guide to Raising Meat Goats


Format Paperback Author Maggie Sayer     Publisher Storey Publishing, LLC    Category Animal Reference

Enslaved by Ducks


Format Paperback Author Bob Tarte     Publisher Algonquin Books    Category Animal Reference

Reptile World


Format Hardcover Author Pope     Publisher Knopf     Studio Knopf    Category Animal Reference

American Wolf: A True Story of Survival and Obsession in the West


Format Hardcover Author Nate Blakeslee     Publisher Crown     Studio Crown    Category Animal Reference

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals


Format Hardcover Author Philip Whitfield     Publisher Book Sales    Category Animal Reference

U.S. Guide to Venomous Snakes and Their Mimics


Format Illustrated Author Scott Shupe     Publisher Skyhorse     Studio Skyhorse    Category Animal Reference

Moose (Animal)


Format Illustrated Author Kevin Jackson     Publisher Reaktion Books     Studio Reaktion Books    Category Animal Reference

The insect world, (The Odyssey library)


Format Hardcover Author Walter Linsenmaier     Publisher Odyssey Press     Studio Odyssey Press    Category Animal Reference

Horses: A Guide to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment


Format Paperback Author Warren Evans     Publisher Holt Paperbacks     Studio Holt Paperbacks    Category Animal Reference

Magner's Classic Encyclopedia of the Horse


Format Hardcover Author Dennis Magner     Publisher Castle Books    Category Animal Reference

Spirit of the Horse.


Format Hardcover Author Bob Langrish     Publisher Barnes & Noble    Category Animal Reference

Alaska Bear Tales


Format Paperback Author Larry Kaniut     Publisher Alaska Northwest Books    Category Animal Reference

Thinkers of the Jungle


Format Hardcover Author Gerd Schuster     Publisher h.f. ullmann    Category Animal Reference

Raising Poultry the Modern Way


Format Paperback Author Leonard Mercia     Publisher Storey Publishing, LLC    Category Animal Reference

Mister's Garden


Format Paperback Author Bean     Publisher JellyBean Publishing, LLC    Category Animal Reference