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A Star Is Born


Format Vinyl     Studio Columbia    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl



Format Vinyl     Studio Import    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

The Africans


Format Compact Disc Artist /     Publisher Antilles     Studio Antilles    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Patton; Original Motion Picture Score


Format Compact Disc     Publisher 20TH CENTURY FOX     Studio 20TH CENTURY FOX    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Everybody's Talkin' *(Theme from Midnight Cowboy) (180 Gram Pressing)


Format Compact Disc Artist Fred Neil     Publisher Capitol     Studio Capitol    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Battlestar Galactica: Original Soundtrack


Format Vinyl Artist Various     Studio MCA Records    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Hair [Vinyl]


Format Vinyl Artist Hair     Studio RCA    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Honeysuckle Rose


Format Vinyl Artist Willie Nelson     Studio Columbia    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Godspell [LP]

$4.99 - $5.99

Format Vinyl Artist Original Cast     Studio Arista    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Eye Of The Needle


Format Compact Disc Artist Miklos Rozsa     Publisher Varese Sarabande     Studio Varese Sarabande    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Bette Midler


Format Vinyl Artist Bette Midler     Publisher Atlantic     Studio Atlantic    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

The Ventures


Format Vinyl Artist The Ventures    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Soundtrack


Format Vinyl Artist Louis Armstrong     Publisher U.A Records     Studio U.A Records    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

I write the songs


Format Vinyl Artist Ray Conniff     Studio COLUMBIA    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl



Format Compact Disc     Publisher RCA     Studio RCA    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Camelot (Original Broadway Cast)


Format Vinyl Artist Julie Andrews     Publisher Columbia Masterworks     Studio Columbia Masterworks    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

The Karate Kid Part II


Format Vinyl Artist Peter Cetera     Publisher Columbia     Studio Columbia    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Eyes of Laura Mars


Format Compact Disc     Publisher COLUMBIA     Studio COLUMBIA    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Ruthless People: The Original Motion Picture


Format Compact Disc Artist Mick Jagger     Publisher Epic     Studio Epic    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

My Fair Lady [Vinyl] Original Cast Recording


Format Vinyl Artist Julie Andrews     Publisher Philips     Studio Philips    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

TROLLS World Tour (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Format Compact Disc Artist Various     Publisher RCA     Studio RCA    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

The Graduate Soundtrack


Format Compact Disc     Publisher CBS Sony     Studio CBS Sony    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

No frills (1983) / Vinyl record [Vinyl-LP]


Format Compact Disc Artist Bette Midler     Publisher Atlantic     Studio Atlantic    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

All That Jazz (Original Soundtrack)

$5.99 - $6.99

Format Vinyl Artist Bob Fosse     Studio Music on Vinyl    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Bobby Short Is Mad About Noel Coward


Format Vinyl Artist Bobby Short     Studio Atlantic    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl

Celebration (Original Broadway Cast)


Format Vinyl Artist Various Artists     Studio capitol    Category Soundtracks - Vinyl