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Classical Vinyl CDs

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Ravel Boléro (Album 5)


Format Compact Disc     Publisher funk & wagnalls     Studio funk & wagnalls    Category Classical - Vinyl

In Concert


Format Vinyl    Category Classical - Vinyl

Three Tenors Concert 1994 (2LP)


Format Compact Disc     Publisher Warner Classics     Studio Warner Classics    Category Classical - Vinyl

Music of Victor Herbert


Format Vinyl     Publisher The Smithsonian Collection     Studio The Smithsonian Collection    Category Classical - Vinyl

Bach Trios (2LP)


Format Vinyl     Publisher Nonesuch     Studio Nonesuch    Category Classical - Vinyl

Encores 3


Format Compact Disc     Publisher Erased Tapes     Studio Erased Tapes    Category Classical - Vinyl

La Sonnambula


Format Vinyl    Category Classical - Vinyl



Format Compact Disc     Publisher EVEREST RECORDS     Studio EVEREST RECORDS    Category Classical - Vinyl

Liberace Live With The London Philharmonic Orchestra


Format Vinyl     Publisher AVI Records     Studio AVI Records    Category Classical - Vinyl

soulful strings in concert: back by demand


Format Compact Disc     Publisher CADET     Studio CADET    Category Classical - Vinyl

Viva Domingo LP


Format Vinyl     Publisher Deutsche Grammophon     Studio Deutsche Grammophon    Category Classical - Vinyl

New World Symphony No. 9 In E Minor


Format Compact Disc     Publisher CBS     Studio CBS    Category Classical - Vinyl

Mr. Strauss Comes to Boston


Format Compact Disc     Publisher RCA VICTOR - RED SEAL RECORDS     Studio RCA VICTOR - RED SEAL RECORDS    Category Classical - Vinyl