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Poetry And Writing Books

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"They Say / I Say"


Format Paperback     Publisher W. W. Norton & Company     Studio W. W. Norton & Company    Category Writing

Body Switch


Format Paperback     Publisher Orchises Press     Studio Orchises Press    Category Poetry

Paul Lynde: A Biography - His Life, His Love(s) and His Laughter


Format Illustrated     Publisher BearManor Media     Studio BearManor Media    Category Memoirs

An American Bride in Kabul: A Memoir


Format Paperback     Publisher St. Martin's Griffin     Studio St. Martin's Griffin    Category Memoirs

This Is My Beloved


Format Deckle Edge     Publisher Knopf     Studio Knopf    Category Poetry

The Letters of Carl Sandburg


Format Hardcover     Publisher Harcourt Brace & World     Studio Harcourt Brace & World    Category Essays and Letters

I'm Telling the Truth, but I'm Lying: Essays


Format Paperback     Publisher Harper Perennial     Studio Harper Perennial    Category Memoirs

My Chickens and I


Format Illustrated     Publisher Abrams Image     Studio Abrams Image    Category Poetry

Here is New York


Format Hardcover    Category Essays and Letters

Memoirs of an Old Fat Balloonist


Format Paperback     Publisher Outskirts Press     Studio Outskirts Press    Category Memoirs

Intimations: Six Essays


Format Paperback     Publisher Penguin Books     Studio Penguin Books    Category Essays and Letters



Format Hardcover     Publisher Penguin Press     Studio Penguin Press    Category Essays and Letters

Phantom Noise


Format Paperback     Publisher Alice James Books     Studio Alice James Books    Category Poetry

Wrestling with the Devil: A Prison Memoir


Format Hardcover     Publisher The New Press     Studio The New Press    Category Memoirs

Unless It Moves the Human Heart: The Craft and Art of Writing


Format Paperback     Publisher Ecco     Studio Ecco    Category Writing

Anthony Powell: Dancing to the Music of Time


Format Deckle Edge     Publisher Knopf     Studio Knopf    Category Literary Biography

Nation and Narration


Format Paperback     Publisher Routledge     Studio Routledge    Category Literary Criticism

What You Have Heard Is True: A Memoir of Witness and Resistance


Format Paperback     Publisher Penguin Books     Studio Penguin Books    Category Memoirs

Eartha & Kitt: A Daughter's Love Story in Black and White


Format Hardcover     Publisher Pegasus Books     Studio Pegasus Books    Category Memoirs

The Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie


Format Hardcover     Publisher FQ Classics     Studio FQ Classics    Category Memoirs

Everyone's an Author with Readings 3rd Edition


Format Paperback     Publisher W W Norton & Co Inc     Studio W W Norton & Co Inc    Category Writing



Format Paperback     Publisher Mariner Books     Studio Mariner Books    Category Literary Criticism

A Flight of Swans: Poems from Balaka 1955


Format Hardcover    Category Poetry

Cadence: Florida State Poets Association Anthology 35, 2017


Format Paperback     Publisher CHB Media     Studio CHB Media    Category Poetry