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Sell Us Your Stuff!

Whether you have a houseful or just a handful of items, BrightLight Books can help lighten your load and turn those items into cash or store credit. We buy gently used items from our customers every day. Store credit can be spent in our store or here at BrightLightBooks.com.

Please keep in mind that due to the high volume of items brought to us we are selective about what we buy. There’s a possibility we won’t need some of what you bring.

What Do You Buy?

We buy a huge variety of books, some newer textbooks, DVDs, CDs, Vinyl, board games, puzzles, and some video games.

Click here for a more comprehensive list of things we're looking for.

What Don’t You Buy?

Items in very good condition are more desirable than items with creases, tears, stains, scratches, highlighting, or underlining. Also, if we already have copies of an item we might not need more. Recently released items are more desirable than outdated items.

Click here for a list of things we usually don't buy.

How Much Do You Pay?

For most books we pay about 40% of our selling price in store credit or half of that credit amount in cash. For example, if we price an item at $10.00 we normally pay $4.00 in store credit or $2.00 in cash for that item.

We generally pay more than 40% for unique, high-priced or collectible items.

For most DVDs, CDs, Vinyl, puzzles, video games, and board games we pay $0.50-$3.00 in cash per item or $1.00-$6.00 in store credit per item. We might pay more for newer releases, multi-disc sets, and collectibles.

How Do I Keep Track of My Store Credit? Does it expire?

These questions and more are covered in our Store Credit FAQ.

When can I sell/trade my items?

Monday - Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

How Many Items Can I Bring In?

When you bring your items to our Fern Park store, you will transfer them into either a blue bin or a white bin.

Blue bins:
  1. Done today while you shop (cash or store credit)
  2. Up to 3 blue bins, 1 of which can be disc items
  3. You can reject the offer
  4. You can get the returns back if you pick up by 6 PM
White bins:
  1. Done within 24 - 48 hours (cash or store credit)
  2. Up to 5 white bins, 2 of which can be disc items
  3. You pre-agree to accept the offer
  4. You will NOT get returns back

What if I have more than 5 bins of items to sell?

Talk to us or call to make an appointment to drop off your items at our warehouse. We will complete our evaluation of these items within 1 - 6 weeks depending on the number of items. You are agreeing to accept our offer and you will not get any returns back.

How Long Will It Take For You To Evaluate My Items?

Our buyers will give you a time estimate when you arrive with your items. It usually only takes 15 - 30 minutes for us to evaluate your items and present an offer. It can take longer if you have a larger number of items or if there are other customers ahead of you. Saturdays can get busy.

Can I Drop Off My Items and Leave?

Yes, but if you leave the store before we present our offer and do not return by the end of the day you are agreeing to accept our offer. Additionally, you must return the same day before we close to claim any items we didn't buy. Any items (including bags, boxes or bins your items were in) not claimed before we close will be processed or discarded and no longer available to you. If something prevents you from returning the same day, call us and we will make arrangements with you.

Will you come to my house to pick up my items?

We only travel when you have a large quantity of what we believe to be items we need. Give us a call and let us know what you have and we'll let you know if we're able to come to you.

Will you help me unload items from my vehicle?

Yes, we will gladly help you unload items from your vehicle.

Do I need to take back the items you don't buy?

No, if you don’t want the items we don't buy we will take care of them for you. This may mean putting them on our clearance carts, donating them to a local charity or otherwise disposing of them. Due to space limitations we can only hold return items until we close for the day.

Please Note: If you don’t want us to process or dispose of your items please return by the end of the day to pick up your returns.