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A Guide to Skywatching -


Format Paperback Author David Levy     Publisher Fog City Press -    Category Astronomy

Einstein's Theory of Relativity


Format Paperback Author Max Born     Publisher Dover Publications    Category Physics

The Hot Zone: A Terrifying True Story

$6.49 - $6.99

Format Paperback Author Richard Preston     Publisher Anchor    Category Science

Q Is for Quantum : An Encyclopedia of Particle Physics


Format Hardcover Author John Gribbin     Publisher Free Press    Category Physics

The Quantum World: Quantum Physics for Everyone


Format Paperback Author Ford     Publisher Harvard University Press    Category Physics

On The Shoulders Of Giants


Format Paperback Author Nicolaus Copernicus     Publisher Running Press    Category Physics

Albert Einstein: A Biography


Format Paperback Author Albrecht Folsing     Publisher Penguin Books    Category Science

E-Z Geometry

$7.99 - $8.49

Format Paperback Author Lawrence Leff     Publisher Barron's Educational Series    Category Math

Color and Light in Nature


Format Paperback Author David Lynch     Publisher Cambridge University Press    Category Science

WebEx Web Meetings For Dummies


Format Paperback Author Nancy Stevenson     Publisher For Dummies    Category Software and Programming

Craniosacral Therapy II: Beyond the Dura


Format Hardcover Author John Upledger     Publisher Eastland Press    Category Medical

Discoveries and Opinions of Galileo


Format Paperback Author Galileo Galilei     Publisher Anchor    Category Astronomy

Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher


Format Paperback Author Lewis Thomas     Publisher Penguin Books    Category Science

HVAC Maintenance and Operations Handbook


Format Hardcover Author Robert Rosaler     Publisher McGraw-Hill Professional    Category Engineering

The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology


Format Paperback Author Ray Kurzweil     Publisher Penguin Books    Category Evolution

On Intelligence


Format Hardcover Author Jeff Hawkins     Publisher Times Books    Category Science

Ideas and Opinions (Modern Library)


Format Hardcover Author Albert Einstein     Publisher Modern Library    Category Physics

Weather For Dummies


Format Paperback Author John Cox     Publisher For Dummies    Category Meteorology

Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman


Format Hardcover Author James Gleick     Publisher Pantheon    Category Physics

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

$6.49 - $7.99

Format Paperback Author Rebecca Skloot     Publisher Broadway    Category Science

Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge


Format Paperback Author Edward Wilson     Publisher Vintage    Category Science

The Beak of the Finch: A Story of Evolution in Our Time

$5.99 - $6.99

Format Paperback Author Jonathan Weiner     Publisher Vintage    Category Evolution

Silent Spring

$6.99 - $7.49

Format Paperback Author Rachel Carson     Publisher Houghton Mifflin Company    Category Environment

50 Physics Ideas You Really Need To Know (50 ideas)


Format Hardcover Author Joanne Baker     Publisher Book Sales, Inc.    Category Physics

A Tour of the Calculus


Format Paperback Author David Berlinski     Publisher Vintage    Category Math

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey


Format Paperback Author Jill Taylor     Publisher Plume    Category Neurology

Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea


Format Paperback Author Charles Seife     Publisher Penguin (Non-Classics)    Category Math

The Physics of Star Trek


Format Hardcover Author Lawrence Krauss     Publisher Basic Books    Category Physics

The National Gem Collection


Format Paperback Author Jeffrey Post     Publisher Harry N. Abrams    Category Earth Science