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Store Credit FAQ

Store credit (which we also call Trade Credit) can be used in our stores and on our website to buy anything we sell.

How do I get store credit?

You get Store Credit by selling us your books, DVDs, and CDs. You can bring any of these items into one of our stores to receive an offer. (Read more about selling your items to us: Sell Us Your Stuff).

Sometimes we also give store credit for returns or other customer service considerations.

Does my store credit expire?

Your store credit balance is stored in our computer system and never expires.

How much do you pay when you buy stuff?

There are some exceptions but for most items we pay between 40%-60% of what we think an item will sell for, with lower price items being closer to 40% and higher price items being closer to 60%.

Can I use my trade credit to buy brand new or special order items?


Can I use my trade credit to pay for shipping?


Can I cash out my trade credit?

You can visit any store to cash out your store credit. The cash value of store credit is 50%. For example $10 of store credit is worth $5 in cash.