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Richard III and the Buckingham's Rebellion


Format Paperback     Publisher Sutton Publishing Ltd     Studio Sutton Publishing Ltd    Category English History

The Mycenaean World


Format Hardcover     Publisher Cambridge University Press     Studio Cambridge University Press    Category Ancient History

The Isles: A History


Format Hardcover     Publisher Oxford University Press, USA    Category English History

Marie Antoinette: The Journey


Format Hardcover     Publisher Doubleday Canada, Limited    Category French History

The Temple and the Lodge

$6.99 - $7.99

Format Paperback     Publisher Arcade Publishing    Category Secret Societies

The Heart of a Woman


Format Paperback     Publisher Bantam    Category African American History

That Fine Italian Hand


Format Paperback     Publisher Holt Paperbacks    Category Italian History

Dearest Friend: The Life of Abigail Adams


Format Hardcover     Publisher Touchstone    Category Presidents

Pirates: The Complete History From 1300 Bc To The Present Day


Format Paperback     Publisher Lyons Press     Studio Lyons Press    Category Sea History

The rise of the Celts


Format Paperback     Publisher Constable     Studio Constable    Category Irish and Scottish History

Tomochichi: Indian Friend of the Georgia Colony


Format Hardcover     Publisher Cherokee Pub     Studio Cherokee Pub    Category Native American

1936 The Enchanted Voyage


Format Hardcover    Category Exploration

Indomitable Will: LBJ in the Presidency


Format Paperback     Publisher Skyhorse     Studio Skyhorse    Category Presidents

Women of the Sea


Format Hardcover     Publisher Dodd. Mead & Co     Studio Dodd. Mead & Co    Category Sea History

The Spanish Civil War (Harper Colophon Books)


Format Hardcover     Publisher Harper & Row     Studio Harper & Row    Category European History

Windy City Wars


Format Hardcover     Publisher Scarecrow Press     Studio Scarecrow Press    Category United States History

The Shrines of Tut-Ankh-Amon


Format Paperback     Publisher HARPER & R0W     Studio HARPER & R0W    Category Ancient History