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Old West Books

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The Story of the West


Format Hardcover Author Kay Donovan    Category Old West



Format Hardcover Author Larry McMurtry    Category Old West

Little Big Horn


Format Hardcover Author Robert Nightengale    Category Old West

Children of the Wild West


Format Paperback Author Russell Freedman    Category Old West

Life of Billy Dixon


Format Paperback Author Olive Dixon    Category Old West

The Oregon Trail


Format Hardcover Author Francis Parkman    Category Old West

Seedtime on the Cumberland


Format Paperback Author Harriette Simpson Arnow    Category Old West

Lawmen, Outlaws, and S.O.Bs.


Format Paperback Author Bob Alexander    Category Old West

San Antonio: Outpost of Empires


Format Hardcover Author Lewis F. Fisher    Category Old West

Wild West Show!


Format Hardcover Author Thomas W. Knowles    Category Old West

The Raven: A Biography of Sam Houston


Format Hardcover Author Marquis James    Category Old West

The Court-Martial of Daniel Boone


Format Paperback Author Allan W. Eckert    Category Old West

Bent's Fort


Format Paperback Author David Lavender    Category Old West