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Religious Studies Books

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The Loser Letters


Format Paperback Author Mary Eberstadt    Category Atheism

The Christmas Almanack


Format Paperback Author Gerard Re    Category Christmas Nonfiction

Contemporary Jewish Religious Thought


Format Paperback Author Arthur Cohen    Category Judaism

Understanding World Religions


Format Paperback Author George Braswell    Category Religious Studies

The Physics of Immortality


Format Hardcover Author Frank Tipler    Category Religion and Science

Ha-Siddur Hashalem Daily Prayer Book


Format Hardcover Author Philip Birnbaum    Category Judaism

The Gnostics


Format Hardcover Author Tobias Churton    Category Lost Books of the Bible

Lila: An Inquiry Into Morals


Format Mass Market Paperback Author Robert Pirsig    Category Religious Studies

Letter to a Christian Nation


Format Hardcover Author Sam Harris    Category Atheism

Bhagavad-Gita As It Is (Paperback)


Format Mass Market Paperback    Category Eastern Religion - Hinduism

Torah: The Five Books of Moses


Format Hardcover    Category Judaism

The Mountains of Israel


Format Paperback Author Norma Archbold    Category Judaism

Handbook of Today's Religions


Format Hardcover Author Josh McDowell    Category Religious Studies

Dragon Chronicles


Format Hardcover Author Malcolm Saunders    Category Folklore and Mythology

Living Buddha, Living Christ


Format Hardcover Author Thich Hanh    Category Religious Studies

The Dictionary of Classical Mythology


Format Mass Market Paperback Author John Zimmerman    Category Folklore and Mythology

The Druids


Format Paperback Author Peter Ellis    Category Folklore and Mythology