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Church History Books

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The Apostolic Fathers


Format Hardcover Author B. Lightfoot    Category Church Fathers

The Story of the Church


Format Paperback    Category Church History

From Sea to Shining Sea


Format Hardcover Author Peter Marshall    Category U.S Church History

No Condemnation


Format Paperback Author Octavius Winslow    Category Puritans



Format Hardcover Author Chuck/Brooke Smith    Category Christian Biography

Reading Scripture with the Reformers


Format Paperback Author Timothy George    Category Reformation

Run, Baby, Run


Format Paperback Author Nicky Cruz    Category Christian Biography



Format Paperback Author William Coffin    Category Christian Biography

Life of Luther


Format Hardcover Author Barnas Sears    Category Christian Biography

Faith of Our Founding Fathers


Format Paperback Author Tim LaHaye    Category Christian Biography

A History of Christianity


Format Hardcover Author Owen Chadwick    Category Church History

Martin Luther: Hero of Faith


Format Paperback Author Frederick Nohl    Category Reformation

Gospel Fear (Puritan Writings)


Format Hardcover Author Jeremiah Burroughs    Category Puritans