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Happiness Is a Choice: Symptoms, Causes, and Cures of Depression

Author Frank Minirth

Format Mass Market Paperback

Publisher Revell

Category Mental Health

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Happiness Is a Choice has helped hundreds of thousands of people understand and overcome depression. Drawing from their professional training, counseling experience, and biblical knowledge, the authors provide expert answers to questions such as: What causes depression? Is there a cure for depression? Why do Christians suffer from depression? and more. Minirth and Meier explore the complex relationship between spiritual life and psychological health and then spell out basic steps for recovering from depression and maintaining a happy, fulfilling life. The updated 2nd edition is now available in mass market size for families, pastors, counselors, and anyone struggling to overcome depression.


Frank Minirth, Paul Meier

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  • Publisher: Revell
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780800786984

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