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Encyclopedia of Fishing: The Complete Guide to the Fish, Tackle & Techniques of Fresh & Saltwater Angling

Author Ian Wood

Format Hardcover

Publisher DK ADULT

Category Fishing and Hunting

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Need to know how a baitcasting reel works? Or how to fish into the submerged hulk of a shipwreck? Even if the answer is "no," if you're an angler you'll find plenty of interest in Dorling Kindersley's Encyclopedia of Fishing, a veritable tackle box of information on the fish, equipment, and techniques of fresh and saltwater angling around the world. The color pictures are first-rate, and the accompanying text is consumer friendly, reminding the reader that "it is far better to begin with a reliable but inexpensive outfit, and upgrade it as your angling skills develop." The opening section on tackle is a useful primer on the myriad rods, reels, lines, leaders, and accessories that can be employed in a variety of angling situations. All descriptions are coupled with photographs of popular models and brands. Entertaining captions and informative tips pepper the text (a lightning bolt graphic, for instance, warns the reader that carbon fiber is an excellent conductor). In the "Species" chapter, illustrator Colin Newman artfully and accurately depicts over 200 fresh and saltwater species popular to sport fishing around the globe. Some of these species, such as the largespot pompano, are little known to anglers within the United States and fascinating to read about (common to the coastal waters of the Indian Ocean, the largespot pompano actually swims on its side in order to feed in very shallow water). The chapter on bait even recommends a recipe for cooking shirvy, a pasty homemade bait with a consistency of tuna casserole and a taste that mullet and bass simply cannot resist. The "Techniques" and "Water" chapters compliment each other, demonstrating how to catch fish in any of their aquatic haunts, and for the fly-fisher there is instruction on fly-tying and casting. Dorling Kindersley's encyclopedia is a valuable and practical addition to any angler's library--and it also warrants a spot on the coffee table thanks to its photographic and illustrative beauty. --David Rhoades


Ian Wood

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  • Publisher: DK ADULT
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9781564584922

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