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What Goes Around: A Novel

Author Parry Brown

Format Paperback

Publisher One World

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THE SISTER HAD IT ALL�UNTIL KARMA CAME TO TOWN.A successful businesswoman, Catherine Hawkins has lived an enviable life of luxury, thanks to an ambition that has made her stop at nothing�including abandoning her own twin daughters when they were born eighteen years ago. After going AWOL, Catherine sent lavish gifts to Ariana and Alisa, while the children�s father, Terry Winston, and his wife, Jackie, reared the girls with all their love and care.Now, as the twins are ready to graduate high school, Catherine is suddenly begging to visit and full of affection. A change of heart is hardly her motive, though: Catherine needs the girls�at least one of them�to save her life. For her kidneys are failing, and unless one of her daughters gives her an organ, Catherine may not be around long enough to find another compatible donor. The news of Catherine�s illness affects her estranged family in different ways, as each member struggles with anger, resentment, and a sense of guilt over turning a blind eye. And when a decision is finally made, an unexpected secret is revealed�one that will rock the Winston family, heart and soul.


Parry Brown

Additional Info

  • Release Date: 2006-05-30
  • Publisher: One World
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9780345469458

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