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Publisher Simon & Schuster

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Assassination Vacation


Format Paperback Author Sarah Vowell    Category United States History

The Rum Diary : A Novel


Format Paperback Author Hunter Thompson    Category Journalism and Media

Bush at War


Format Hardcover Author Bob Woodward    Category Presidents

Fahrenheit 451: A Novel


Format Paperback Author Ray Bradbury    Category Classic Fiction

The Johnstown Flood


Format Paperback Author David McCullough    Category United States History

Patrimony : A True Story


Format Hardcover Author Philip Roth    Category Literary Biography

Unlimited Power: A Black Choice


Format Hardcover Author Anthony Robbins    Category Success



Format Paperback Author James Stewart    Category Business

Einstein: His Life and Universe


Format Paperback Author Walter Isaacson    Category Physics

The Children's Book of Virtues


Format Hardcover Author William Bennett    Category Kids Treasuries

Sharing Good Times


Format Hardcover Author Jimmy Carter    Category Presidents

The Locket


Format Hardcover Author Richard Evans    Category Fiction (Literary & Historical)

Private Parts


Format Hardcover Author Howard Stern    Category Celebrity Biography

The Korean War


Format Hardcover Author Max Hastings    Category War History

Steve Jobs


Format Hardcover Author Walter Isaacson    Category Technology

The Scarlet Letter


Format Mass Market Paperback Author Nathaniel Hawthorne    Category Classic Fiction