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Jesus Christ Books

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The Historical Jesus: Five Views


Format Paperback Author James Beilby    Category Jesus Christ

Politics of Jesus


Format Paperback Author John Yoder    Category Jesus Christ

Why the Nativity?


Format Paperback Author David Jeremiah    Category Jesus Christ

Jesus, The Man Who Lives


Format Paperback Author Malcolm Muggeridge    Category Jesus Christ

And He Had Compassion


Format Paperback Author William Barclay    Category Jesus Christ

Life & Teachings of Christ (Vol. 2)


Format Paperback Author Gordon Lindsay    Category Jesus Christ

Jesus the Temple


Format Paperback Author Nicholas Perrin    Category Jesus Christ

When I Survey


Format Hardcover Author Herman Hoeksema    Category Jesus Christ

The Jesus I Never Knew


Format Paperback Author Philip Yancey    Category Jesus Christ

The Jesus I Never Knew


Format Hardcover Author Phillip Yancey    Category Jesus Christ

Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine


Format Hardcover Author Harold Bloom    Category Jesus Christ

The Gospel in Brief: The Life of Jesus


Format Paperback Author Leo Tolstoy    Category Jesus Christ

Jesus of Nazareth: Saviour and Lord


Format Hardcover Author Henry    Category Jesus Christ

Teaching As Jesus Taught


Format Paperback Author Roy Zuck    Category Jesus Christ

The Life of Our Lord Upon the Earth


Format Hardcover Author Samuel Andrews    Category Jesus Christ

The Illustrated Life of Jesus


Format Hardcover Author David Meyers    Category Jesus Christ

Jesus: A Pilgrimage


Format Hardcover Author James Martin    Category Jesus Christ

Name above All Names


Format Hardcover Author Alistair Begg    Category Jesus Christ

Jesus and the Essenes


Format Paperback Author Dolores Cannon    Category Jesus Christ

Jesus: A Gospel


Format Hardcover Author Henri Nouwen    Category Jesus Christ

The Person Of Christ


Format Hardcover Author L Grensted    Category Jesus Christ