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Music Misc Books

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1000 Record Covers


Format Paperback Author Michael Ochs    Category Music Misc.

Music In Theory and Practice, Vol. 2


Format Paperback Author Bruce Benward    Category Music Misc.

The Billboard Book of One-Hit Wonders


Format Paperback Author Wayne Jancik    Category Music Misc.

The Death of Rhythm and Blues


Format Hardcover Author Nelson George    Category Music Misc.

Indian Music


Format Hardcover Author Bigamudre Chaitanya Deva    Category Music Misc.

The History of the Viola


Format Paperback Author Maurice Riley    Category Music Misc.

The Organ Handbook


Format Hardcover Author Hans Klotz    Category Music Misc.

Guitar - The Complete Encyclopedia


Format Hardcover Author Parragon Books    Category Music Misc.

This Business of Artist Management


Format Hardcover Author Xavier Frascogna    Category Music Misc.

Hip Hop America


Format Paperback Author Nelson George    Category Music Misc.