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Chronicles: Volume One


Format Paperback     Publisher Simon & Schuster    Category Rock and Roll

Bass Guitar for Dummies


Format Paperback     Publisher For Dummies    Category Music Instruction

Totally Guitar: The Definitive Guide


Format Hardcover     Publisher Thunder Bay Press    Category Music Instruction

Dream Boogie: The Triumph of Sam Cooke


Format Hardcover     Publisher Little, Brown and Company    Category Pop and RnB

Beck: The Art of Mutation


Format Paperback     Publisher Pocket    Category Rock and Roll



Format Hardcover     Publisher The Dial Press    Category Rock and Roll

Cash: The Autobiography


Format Hardcover     Publisher Harper San Francisco    Category Country

Frank: The Voice


Format Hardcover     Publisher Doubleday    Category Jazz

I Am Ozzy


Format Hardcover     Publisher Grand Central Publishing    Category Rock and Roll

John Lennon: The Life


Format Paperback     Publisher Ecco    Category Rock and Roll

Waging Heavy Peace


Format Hardcover     Publisher Blue Rider Press    Category Rock and Roll

James Taylor: Long Ago and Far Away


Format Paperback     Publisher Omnibus Press    Category Rock and Roll

Owl City - Ocean Eyes


Format Paperback     Publisher Hal Leonard    Category Sheet Music - Piano/Vocals

Liszt: A Listener's Guide (Unlocking the Masters)


Format Paperback     Publisher Amadeus    Category Classical and Opera

The Best Acoustic Rock Songs Ever


Format Paperback     Publisher Hal Leonard     Studio Hal Leonard    Category Sheet Music - Guitar/Fretted

Fleetwood: My Life and Adventures in Fleetwood Mac


Format Mass Market Paperback     Publisher Avon Books     Studio Avon Books    Category Rock and Roll

My Brother Elvis: The Final Years


Format Paperback     Publisher impello entertainment     Studio impello entertainment    Category Rock and Roll

Willie Nelson: An Epic Life


Format Paperback     Publisher Back Bay Books    Category Rock and Roll

Van Morrison - Anthology


Format Paperback     Publisher Alfred Publishing     Studio Alfred Publishing    Category Sheet Music - Piano/Vocals

The Chronicle of Opera, Second Edition


Format Illustrated     Publisher Thames & Hudson     Studio Thames & Hudson    Category Classical and Opera

Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain


Format Hardcover     Publisher Ecco    Category Rock and Roll

Garth Brooks The Anthology: The First Five Years


Format Hardcover     Publisher Pearl Records    Category Rock and Roll

The Road to Woodstock


Format Hardcover     Publisher Ecco    Category Music Misc.

Conducting Choral Music Sixth Edition


Format Hardcover     Publisher Pearson Ptr    Category Classical and Opera

Been So Long: My Life and Music


Format Hardcover     Publisher St. Martin's Press    Category Rock and Roll

If You Can't Be Free, Be a Mystery: In Search of Billie Holiday


Format Illustrated     Publisher One World     Studio One World    Category Jazz

More Myself: A Journey


Format Hardcover     Publisher Flatiron Books     Studio Flatiron Books    Category Pop and RnB

Respect Yourself: Stax Records and the Soul Explosion


Format Paperback     Publisher Bloomsbury USA     Studio Bloomsbury USA    Category Music Misc.

Learn to Play Guitar with Metallica


Format Staple Bound     Publisher Cherry Lane Music    Category Sheet Music - Guitar/Fretted